Sers substrates with unmatched reproduciblity and sensitivity 

There is an urgent need for technologies that are capable of rapid and inexpensive monitoring of our health status. There is also an urgent demand for devices and methods capable of monitoring our exposure to environmental factors such as contamination and pollution.

ENHANSERS provides clarity by providing the ability to measure what is happening around you in a matter of seconds.

Introducing next generation sensors for point of use molecular detection





Our SERS substrates are used to detect the presence of low concentration analytes, even going down to a single molecule



SERS measurement of several analytes were accquired from ENHANSERS substrates with lasers of different wavelengths.The reproduciblity of the substrates was tested with low concerntration of analytes and a low laser power, resulting in greater enhancements.


Key benefits

  • Flexibility

  • Scalable production

  • Low cost

  • High sensitivity (ppb)

  • Point of use solution

  • Fast result (seconds)

Mass produced with state of the art nanotechnology

ENHANSERS can be used for medical applications, pharmaceutical applications, food safety and preparation, water quality monitoring, catalytic activity measurements, defense, customs & security applications and more.

  • Investigate pollution in water or air
  • Quality control of drinking water -> more toxicities in drinking water due to drug residues
  • which are harder to detect

  • Consumable SERS chips to detect different kinds of drugs at customs
  • Direct testing on drug sites to determine the kind of drugs and toxicity levels.

  • Quality control
  • Detecting chemical hazards (antibiotics, pesticides,colorant)
  • Detecting microbiological contaminants ( viruses, food born pathogens)

  • Quality control of production and (new) medications
  • Clinical diagnostics of disease and disorders